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April 13, 2016


Tina in NJ

I'm sorry you got such sad news. Sending you a cyber hug. Give Chris a good hug, too. It'll make you both feel better.

Linda Swanekamp

I am dismayed that you had to face sad news unexpectantly. Your dyeing work is very gorgeous.


Great names for fabric. At school I had about 20 Coleus plants in my bedroom window and I see them in the fabric.
Sending you comforting thoughts.

Gene Black

Peace be with you. I am so sorry to hear that you got sad news.


Unexpected sad news is always difficult. Keeping your hands busy is a positive way of getting thru it. The fabric is beautiful as usual!


Thinking of you today and sending hugs.

Mary Anne

So sorry that you received sad news - that's hard. Looking at (and fondling) beautiful fabrics will help I'm sure.

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