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March 04, 2016


katie z.

My link:

I started with 20
finished 2
started 0
and ended with 18.

I'm feeling the urge to start something new, just for the fun of it, but I do think I really need to finish a few quilts. This month I'm working on a purple and grey quilt, and I enjoy revisiting all the old fabrics!


I started with: several but some may never be finished
finished: 3
started: 6
ended with: I don't know. This is stressing me out.

I just make things with no pressure.

Tina in NJ

You need to update your stats. It still says 18 veteran's quilts.


I started with 43, ended with 37 in various stages of completion. No new starts this month, except one that was completed so I don't have to count it :) My blog post is here

Sharon - IN

Started January with - 15 (2 BOM, 2 Quilt-Alongs, 11 UFOs)
Finished in February – 1 UFO top pieced!
New Starts in February – 1 - t-shirt quilt pieced for a customer, currently at the longarmer.
Projects in process - 15
Yippie! Another UFO top finished! But it goes into the 'to be quilted' pile. That means I have two types of UFOs. One of tops in progress, and another of pieced tops waiting to be quilted. I'm just hoping to get through all the tops that need to be finished piecing, then move on to quilting - later .... hopefully later this year!

Peg S.

I started February with 13 things in progress.
Finished 2
Started 2
I still have 13 things in progress!

Lori Smanski

wow i love these colors together


ack! No progress. I gotta get this house painting FINISHED!


My report is on the blog at, but the short version is no finishes this month :( One new start and one "almost finished".

Mary Anne

UFO busting is something I really need to work on. My current project (as you know) is to bust my white stash (or at least help it to dwindle somewhat). The Grande Plan Folly is coming along and actually should be finished this week if all goes well. It was a down and dirty fast project, not meant to be a pristine effort and creation.


I started with 40
I have finished 2 so far this year
I started and finished a bunch! - 8 small doggie quilts, road case cover, 5 pedal board covers, and a steel guitar cover
Started one project
Now have 38 on the UFO list


Thank you so much Vicki! Your surprise package arrived today and was a bright spot in a rather 'trying' day. (I spent a long day at the courthouse on my first day of two-week jury duty.) I can't wait to get to a project with it. Your gradient fabrics are even more beautiful in person! Thanks for keeping us all on task with our UFO's and for being so very generous.


Status for February (as of March 1):
UFOs = 5
WIPs = 6
NEW = 0
Completed = 1 (YAY!; that's 4 completed for the year!)
TBQ = 9 (to be quilted; 1 moved from UFO to TBQ this month)

On a side note (brag), my youngest daughter decided to take up quilting last year. I found a nice used machine for her and visited her to bring it to her and give her a lesson in November. She finished her first quilt top this weekend while I was visiting!! I brought it home to quilt it for her. I'm such a proud mama right now!!
(She also is disgustingly disciplined about only buying fabric for current projects; no buying on speculation for her!)

Vicki D.

UFOs = 12
Finished = 1
Started = 2
Ended with = 13
Thanks for spurring us on. I really needed to take stock. I found projects I started years ago. Most of them have been waiting for me to develop more free-motion confidence. I'm finally ready to tackle them.

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