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March 14, 2016



Welcome home! I l love the way your customer used the gradients as wall art and I'm wondering, because I'm re-thinking my plans with a large piece of home-dec fabric, if you could share how the fabric was mounted and on what kind of surface? Is it just wrapped and glued/stapled around the kind of canvas that artists use for paining? Thanks!


Your fabric looks fabulous hung as panels! Great idea.


Your fabric looks amazing! What a cool pub, never seen self serve taps!

Mary Anne

Bet Chris found muscles he had forgotten he had! Sounds like the perfect sort of holiday - each doing something you enjoy. Must have been a thrill to see your fabrics displayed in such a way.

Mrs. Plum

Your fabric panels look great, Vicki! Thanks for all your generous giveaways last week--you were kind to give us all a chance to enter to win.

Elizabeth Gibson

Your tapestries look fantastic hanging in the draft house. I love seeing fabric art outside the usual places.

Linda Swanekamp

Fabric panels are gorgeous against the brick. I would love to meet Alycia. I did her last mystery quilt and am working on the current one. Sounds like a terrific trip.


Your fabric looks fantastic on the walls as art and art they are! Glad you had a wonderful time. Just so you know I didn't enter in any of the giveaways as I don't need any fabric to add to my overflowing stash.

Gene Black

Wow. The fabric looks great on the walls. I love the way she hung dark to dark/light to light. It has just a lovely flow.


Those panels look so great!!! It was wonderful to meet you - and fun!!! It's so cool to meet in real life !!

Singing Bird Artist

Heya, can l give Kimberly a tip? if you staple the fabric to a stretched canvas, allow for a triple fold at the edge, then if you want to wash and freshen up in a couple of years the fabric isn't too torn. It will take two of you at least to stretch evenly!!! Four is best! and hang the stretchers at a slight angle so the top is 15 - 20 degrees into the room, this cuts off a lot of dust falling on the canvas, remember taking it down to wash is no fun and best avoided altogether or only every 5 years. Instead, every 3 months, tape organza or chiffon over the whole stretcher and with your vacuum on its gentlest setting with the stair nozzle/crevice head hoover gently, holding slightly above the organza. This is how they clean fabrics in stately homes! worth doing chez toi as well ;)
I LOVE the fabric as paintings in the bar, beautiful, l bet they get a lot of love from visitors!

Sharon - IN

What a fantastic trip! How fun to meet up with an online friend, and also to see your fabrics on display as art!

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