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March 18, 2016


Judy Hudgins

I well understand your feeling about skiing. If told to 'ski to safety', I would have to say 'shoot me here!'


totally understand. I am such a weakling - I went skiing one time only and I was 19 years old and the little place I went to with some other kids didn't have a lift, you had to hold onto a rope and it pulled you up the "mountain" which being in southern Wisconsin meant a big hill - only trouble was I kept falling and had a very hard time getting back up - I got up the hill once, fell down more than I was on the ski's, waited for all at the lodge and one of my knees was triple the original size when we got back to the city - no way did I ever try it again.

Sharon Engel

Vickie, you would be surprised how many Coloradoans live here but don't ski. I am the same way, too much trouble and its expensive to boot. Alycia has mentioned several times how delighted she was to have you out to her place. You can really see for miles from there and I think Pikes Peak too.

Sharon in Colorado

P.S. The quilting on your quilt turned out great on mine and my SIL loved it. Thanks again

Kathy Hoback

Vicki, WOW; this quilt is beautiful - your colors are stunning and I love the design. I'm sure that however you choose to quilt it will only enhance its beauty. This one might be my favorite so far.

Mrs. Plum

Oh, Vicki, I had such a good laugh when I read your reasons not to ski. I can relate! My husband skis, and many years ago, when our daughter was young, he took her to weekly ski lessons. After she'd been skiing for about 3 years, I thought I should go watch her. As I was standing on the side of the mountain, all I could think about was how much I disliked snow, cold, and slick downhill surfaces. Needless to say, I was very happy when we went home that day.
Your quilt is lovely, and I like the quilting you've already done. The completion plan looks great!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

I had to laugh, I feel exactly the same way about skiing! I have only been once, took the lessons, did the bunny hill a bunch of times, then I turned in the skis, and spent the rest of the vacation reading, and watching him ski. Never again!!

Jo Vandermey

I guess I would be camped with your husband on this issue. First time I went skiing there was a major snow storm . I who am afraid of heights sat down in the middle of hill and cried because I couldn't see where I was going. It took two good friends and finally the teacher to talk me down one turn at a time. Come the next school trip the teacher just shook his head when he say I signed up.
Why? My stub urn nature. One nobody was going to tell me I couldn't. Two I wanted out of school that day and to be with my friends. Three I guess it turns out the adrenaline junkie in me likes to hurtle down the hill in a controlled uncontrolled manner. I still don't like heights but now I pretend that it is a seen in a movie. I didn't get out this year. We had a kind of non winter and didn't visit my sister in Vermont.
I also get the getting un interrupted time to work on things yourself.
My hubby just laughs at my quirks. One of our first non dates was going skiing. His memory is mostly my nice wipe out and my ski outfit!

Gene Black

Reason 5 to avoid skiing - broken bones. I prefer to not risk it.

I confess that I have never planned quilting. I just start and see where it goes. (I have followed someone else's plan in a class - but that is a bit different.)

Vicki in MN

Ha I feel the very same way as you in every aspect of skiing!! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous I just know it. Looking forward to seeing it's finish!


I have only been skiing once, but despite struggling to get on the lift, falling when getting off the lift (roll to the side!!! so the next skier getting off doesn't crash into you! this was the advice that was told to me), and just trying to learn how to deal with those monsters on your feet, I loved it! After practicing on the bunny hill and the rope pull, I was ready for the trail. The trail was a very gentle back and forth downhill slope. I was by myself since everyone else wanted to go fast down the hill. It was starting to get dark and I thought I would go down the trail one more time and once I got to it, it was closed! There were no lights so they shut it down! So now I was stuck at the top of a hill and there was only one way down. I was scared to death as I headed down that hill wedging as hard as I could to try and slow down. I made it in one piece. Would I do it again? Yes! I will say it was expensive, but there was about 6 of us that shared a condo so that helped. I rented the equipment. Three of the ladies that were in the group did not ski and had no desired to ski. They had a good time drinking, enjoying the lodge, and hanging out.

Your wall hanging is beautiful!

Mary Anne

I'm entirely in your camp when it comes to outdoor sports like skiing. I just know I would break myself and that it would hurt (if I didn't die of fright on the ski lift first!).


Your quilting plan looks good, can't wait for the finish!

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