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March 30, 2016



glad your knee is doing better - it sounds like your mom moves like I do sometimes LOL - she is probably around my age and some of us in our 60's can really move :) so much to do and so little time

Linda Swanekamp

I am glad you are up and going again. I quilt so slow on the long arm- such a contrast from your mom!

Jenny Trenda

Love the uncomplicated quilting. Gonna go try some right now. Also, wanted to let you know that the "new" Dawn Pure Essentials with Sparkling Mist scent plus your soaking method worked like a charm to remove year-old bleeding from a deep deep navy hand dye (that I had prewashed on hot in the washer) onto a commercial beige print. Thanks so much for saving my quilt!!


Mom is doing a great job on getting those quilts done! Bravo! Glad you knee is better!


Wonderful to share your quilting passion with your mom!! She is rockin It!

Virtual Quilter

Tell your Mom she is making me tired trying to keep up with her quilting! I love the fruity quilts.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Lots of progress on all those quilts, now she has to bind them. Glad your knee is better!


Your mom has quite an assortment of quilts. No one can pigeon-hole her into one style! The progression of quilting you taught her was a good lesson for anyone starting out.


Your title threw me off a bit, as my 91 year old mom lives with me. It's awesome that she's going strong! Don't tell her to slow down - if she can keep up the pace, let her.


Tales of your mother's quilting reminds me of the expression that went something like "I'll know I am a good quilter when I can thread the needle while the machine is going" (or something like that).
I like the fabric from Kyle's marketplace and also the quilt your mother made from it.
Mom's are a gift everyday of the year.

Mary Anne

Your mom has been quilting some wonderful quilts - she must be happy to get them done and also having great fun playing with the machine. Good for her!

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