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March 03, 2016


Tina in NJ

Just saw most of these, if not all of them, this morning, at the NJ Quiltfest. Spectacular quilting! But the one I liked best was Lura's Choice. I was so excited to see it in real life after following it's creation for so long! Fabulous!


such pretty quilts

Mary Anne

Incredible work!! I loved seeing the close-up detail shots and cannot (despite my best effort) choose a favourite. Just wow!!

Gene Black

Wow... this is why I would never consider entering a show. :-) I don't like being judged, but I could not compete with these quilts.

Vicki in MN

I have seen Margaret's work in the past-exceptional! Thanks for showing closeups of their work, so fun to see. You got some great pictures!


Thanks for showing the details. They are what I miss most when I can't see a show in person.


I also just saw these quilts at Quiltfest of New Jersey today. The one I found most stunning.was Silk Road Sampler, it was amazing!

Jenny Trenda

Hi: Recently ran across your "stop my bleeding quilt" post from some time ago, and then saw it again almost immediately on The Quilt Show email. Scoured my local area for Dawn Pure Essentials Hypoallergenic and discovered that apparently Dawn does not make that product anymore. They have a Pure Essentials that is not marked hypoallergenic and is scented. Will that work??


Those are some amazingly talented quilters!!!

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