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March 22, 2016



ohhh! Ouchie. Sorry to hear you are sidelined for a bit --but it sounds like you are keeping busy!!! (smile)
Hope you are soon back to your quilting, dying, mosaic.
Thanks for the tip re the "peas." I'll be checking my local CVS for a pack or 2. I've had a homemade rice pack for a long time, but it would be nice to keep a "pea" pack in the freezer, at the ready.
Take care.

Virtual Quilter

I have prepared three blog posts lately which had to be prepared again before anybody got to see them ... and I am not cleaning anything out!


Good thing you explained the knee injury or one would think you ventured over to the ski slopes.
Those "pea" packs sound great. Probably more comfortable than the old ice bags I use with water and alcohol in them.
Feel better soon.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Cleaning out old blog posts is a good idea, I do the same with posts on my Etsy sales and so on. Hope your knee is feeling better soon. Just a about a month to go before the NFL draft, four months and three weeks to preseason!!

Mrs. Plum

Hope your knee feels better soon, Vicki!

Vicki in MN

I hope you don't delete your Yellowstone posts, I am just going back to look at them!! Feel better soon :-)


Looks like a good position to clean from! :)


So sorry about your knee. Movers and shakers like you don't like to be immobile.

Mary Anne

Hope your knee recovered quickly. Haven't seen this type of 'chiller' and often just use a bag of real peas. This would be a much more practical way.


Ruh Roh - Spring cleaning on the blog eh? Hope yourknee is all healed up in no time!

Marian Moody

Hope your knee is on the mend. Tendinitis is so painful. I will look into your Peas product, the ice pack I use does not wrap around the knee very well.

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