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March 17, 2016


Lynne in Hawaii

It is definitely a beautiful black swan now! Love it!

Becky in VA

Your Black Swan is a beauty. I especially like the way you quilted it - love the ferns! Congratulations on another fine quilt!

Tina in NJ

The colors are fabulous! What a great use for your experiments!


It looks terrific on the bed!


it looks wonderful - I always love the crinkly look from shrinkage - it gives quilts character!

Gene Black

I love your feathered ferns. I need to learn that one. Isn't it wonderful when you can turn your mistakes into something spectacular? The Black Swan is just beautiful.


Beautiful, unusual quilt!

Mary Anne

The name definitely suits this quilt perfectly! Ugly no more - but full of grace and elegance.

Mrs. Plum

Your quilt is gorgeous, Vicki! You turned cast offs into a treasure, and your quilting enhances it. Thanks for being so inspiring.

Linda Evans

beautiful, I love the multi-hued blacks. I have used black batting before and found that it dulled the light sections of the quilt. Those light areas were brighter with a light colored batting behind them (on my quilt). Do you notice that effect on this quilt?


Black swan turned out to be a beauty! Your quilting is wonderful. I like that you use orange for the light fabrics.

Jan O

So NOT an ugly quilt! I love how it looks so luminous, and the colors just sparkle. Your Black Swan turned into a real beauty!


Oh I like the name Black Swan!! and it turned out beautiful!


Waste not, want not isn't as good a name as Black Swan. It's very interesting with all the different darks. Love the quilting being different in the lights and darks.

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