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March 25, 2016



you are lucky you know so much about computers - I can never figure any of it out! hope you knee continues to improve!

Tina in NJ

Love the black swan label. Too bad it's on the back of the quilt.


I love that Zentangle label. It is so free and graceful.

Virtual Quilter

Love the label!


I love the label. I hope you are adding a "legend" with the background of the making of the quilt.


Beautiful label. Glad you are making progress on the web site design. I have several Weeblynpages and they are easy to work with

Gene Black

The label looks amazing. It is a perfect fit for the quilt.

Sue H

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! LOVE your label.


Your label is a real treat!


You are getting stuff done, just not the stuff you want to be getting done. Oh, and nothing fancy about that label!!!! Very clever too. Hope your knees stop rebelling soon.

Mary Anne

Beautiful label! What better thing than a beautiful swan zentangle to reflect the quilt and it's new name. Hope you knees are soon better, and better you than me trying to work through the mysteries of the internet.


Glad your knee is getting better! That label is fabulous! You are so lucky to have such a good grasp of computers and different websites/programs or whatever you call them. I am not much good at the try and see what happens method.

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