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February 05, 2016


Judy Hudgins

Started January with 3 pages of UFO's! - 44 in some form of starting
Finished - 1
New Starts - 0

Peg S.

Started January with 13
Finished - 2
New starts - 2
Still have 13 in process.

I'm not counting the two Veterans quilts that weren't mine but that I bound!


I started January with 40 quilts in some stage of progress (not counting ones that are just a pile of fabric at this point). Finished 4, but added a few and now I have 43 in progress. Oops.
Details on are on my blog here


Started the year with 17 and have finished 3 of them. Then my son asked me to make some seasonal wall hangings for their new home. I have 4 of those finished too! I've only started one new sew-along and it's a doll quilt, so it won't end up in the UFO pile at all. Thanks for keeping us on task with our quilting projects!

Tina in NJ

I didn't think I'd finished anything, but I did. I had a top from 20 years ago that got finished as a twin-sized quilt for my son. I'd taken a class and decided to make it for me. Back then, I don't think I even knew that I could send the quilt to the long-arm quilter to finish. Anyway, the quilt was quilted for Christmas but bound in January, so I'd say it counts.

Katie Z.

I finished 3 projects, so I stand at 20 projects.


I started January with 23 projects in progress.
Finished - 3
(1 from my neglected category, 1 from my WIP category, and 1 new start)
New starts - 1 (and finished it - woo-hoo!)
Now have 21 in progress

Vicki, I'm very impressed with your veterans quilts progress. 18 out of 40 is amazing!!


Post on the blog today, Started with 11, started & finished 2 new. So still 11 to go.

Sharon - IN

Started January with - 15 (2 BOM, 2 Quilt-Alongs, 11 UFOs)
Finished – 2 tops pieced, 1 is sandwiched
New quilts planned for this year - 5 with fabric and pattern purchased
New Starts – 1
Projects in process - 16

Mary Anne

At the moment I'm suffering from a case of startitis. Too many projects are in the middle of the doing right now.


Im afraid to count - but I am going to be inspired each time I read about others's UFO busting ok?


Doors it count that I didn't created any new UFOs this month? Finished 2 preemie quilts....

Started January with too many
January starts : 5
Finished by February 5: 3
Preemie quilts donated to guild: 2


Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! How fun is that!

I started with 28 UFO's, Finished one
Had one new project - the music quilt - and finished it mid-January.

I now have some new projects for my brother - eight 2' x 2' doggie quilts and three pedal board covers to make by Feb 22.

I just thought of three more projects I need to make this spring - two t-shirt quilts for a nephew and his cousin and my entry for the Akron Art Prize. It never ends!

Katie Z.

Started with 20
Finished 3
Found or started 3
Ended with 20

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