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February 03, 2016


Lori S

Thanks for generously sharing as you always do. I have always pleated and secured my fabric with elastic bands after the basic fold. Your method is simpler and had beautiful results.


didn't you get some wonderful results, almost makes me wish it would snow here.

Tina in NJ

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I did some dyeing, but lack of a place I didn't care if it got dirty and the price of all that fabric to dye caused me to let it go. Maybe in retirement...or not.


Beautiful results! No snow here - it is 63 degrees! That is just crazy!


OK, now I have NO excuse. I have your guidelines/tips and the Dharma instructions.
I plan to gather/purchase the supplies and if no snow use ice. I imagine the results would be a bit different using snow vs. ice cubes vs. crushed ice.
If I include t-shirts my nieces might be interested. I'll be sure to have enough gloves and masks for all. We will be doing it outside.

Deanna Fryar

Thank you Vicki for sharing your knowledge. Cheers Deanna

Linda Swanekamp

Great article. I just love the snowdyes! Can't decide which one to buy and how I can build a quilt around it as I would never cut it. Love the process, but I am glad you do it, not me.


It is indeed rare when we get 4 inches of snow in Alabama. I guess I will just play with alternate methods of dyeing.

LuAnn Kessi

Thanks Vicki.....this will be an excellent reference. I know it took time to get this posted....very much appreciated.
Many Thanks,
LuAnn in Oregon


Vicki - the resulting patterns and colors are absolutely beautiful. I'm stunned with the outcome. I hope you're resting and feeling better real soon.


Wonderful results! Thank you for the very clear tutorial.


I wonder how fresh snowfall would work...i.e. set the prepared fabric outside to collect snow, apply dye, let more snow fall on the fabric and then bring it in to a warm space.

Have you tried dyeing lasagna style with snow and dye?

Jan Thomas

This is the most beautiful and creative dyeing I have seen in a long time. Do you think crushed ice cubes or shaved ice would have similar results? This makes me want to experiment. Thank you so much for sharing. Jan Thomas


these are lovely!!! I like to sprinkle dye powder on a pile of snow!


Vicki, your beautiful fabrics inspired me to try dyeing some cotton using your methods. I am so happy with the results, especially the large mandala design! Thank you for posting this information. I have done some snow dyeing in the past, (there is always snow here in the winter!) but have never tried using Shibori techniques in conjunction with snow. Will be doing some more snow dyeing this weekend.

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