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February 08, 2016



I was going to get some of those paint sticks once and never did - glad I didn't really as they most likely would have been put in a drawer and rarely used knowing me. Pretty work.


These are pretty. I like the subdued colors, and the crystals really add some pizzaz.

Sharon - IN

Very pretty, Vicki. These look fun to make!


I've been really addicted to fabric postcards lately. Even though they cost a bit more to send (although it seems to vary every time I go to the post office) I feel like people really like to get them, so it's worth it!


You can never go wrong adding a little bling!


Very you send these out to friends?

Gene Black

Ah, I have some Shiva paintsticks.....I think I just found some inspiration.


Very pretty postcards! I have never used Shiva sticks. Just never got around to having a project to use them for.

Peg S.

These are lovely and cheerful!


THey look gorgeous, could get motivated when I get my time back.

Mary Anne

Now I know why I have so much fabric stuffed in drawers - it's aging!! Pretty postcards, btw.

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