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February 22, 2016



I can see why you didn't want to throw away the scraps. They are very nice.

Lynne in Hawaii

Some great postcards come out of your creative mind! Well done kiddo!


These are so charming. I love all the postcards you make.

Tina in NJ

Very cute. For some reason, they remind me of mug rugs. I guess they aren't all that different, mug rugs and postcards.

Mary Anne

These made me think of the quilts my grandmas used to make that I so much wish I had been lucky enough to inherit.

shirley bruner

Those are adorable. i have enough scraps to make thousands of postcards. hahahaha not that i will be doing it. i have been making myself throw away small scraps that in a previous life i would have saved. i have made 3 crumb quilts and think i will stop there.

Gene Black

It is always fun to create with scraps. My go-to is piecing them together randomly until they are large enough to square into a block size.


LOVE these!!!

Sharon - IN

So nice! What a great use of scraps!


I just love these. What a good match of form and color.


These are so pretty! I have some scraps of feedsack fabric if you need/want more.

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