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February 05, 2016



I've loved watching the progress on your tile wall! I think you should consider painting that pipe, too. :-)

Mrs. Plum

Thanks so much for sharing the two new wall sections. It's been so much fun to see your process. Perhaps the wall will inspire new quilting motifs!


love those fish and love this wall of yours


I'm having wall envy!!

Pauline Stafford

Your mosaic wall looks fantastic. I love your little fish.
It is truly a work of art. Also loved your recently dyed pieces. Thanks for sharing. Hope you feel better soon.


You are doing remarkably well and showing bit by bit works! The fish are inspired!!!


That wall is really impressive!! I'm enjoying each one as you make it but all together...spectacular!

Linda Swanekamp

Wow, a shot of the whole wall section makes you suck your breath in. Looks incredible.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

That wall is such a work of art! So much to see. I love those fish.

Go Panthers this weekend!!


I Love your wall, it's amazing. You could have come and done a wall in my bathroom renovations!!? All the old tiles went to the dump, maybe I should have kept them, although they were nothing special.

shirley bruner

once you get that all finished......i would not want to put anything against the wall to cover it up. it is amazing.


Fantastic! Love seeing the pieces you are working on at the moment --fish are wonderful-- but to get a larger view and see a whole section of wall is super. When you are done, you will need to give tours.


Wow, it's looking wonderful, so inspired.

Mary Anne

This is just so amazing! Something I really wish I could see in person. I think the wee fishes are high on my list of favourites. Nice to see the larger view of the wall!

Vickie Mazurek

Wow Vickie ! Your mosaic is just gorgeous !


The wall looks fantastic! Love the little fishies! Isn't it funny that everybody seems to have leftover bits that they can contribute to your wall?

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