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February 26, 2016



I have one of your (black) plates with bubbles. I love the bubbles and enjoy having it on my desk so I can see it everyday.
Also, it was very reasonably priced.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

I just hit the button to favorite your shop! I'll check it out each time you add something new. Any plans to do any more quilt block plates?

Carol S.

HI Vicki--Just favorited your shop! Can't wait to see what fun stuff you post.

Mary Anne

I'm sure your shop will do well. I would love to own one of your pieces, but the postage to Canada is beyond ridiculous. The last time I wanted to order something from the US the postage was over twice as much as the item. Free trade? Hah.

Gene Black

Everything in the shop is lovely. Of course, the piece I liked best is the most costly thing in the shop. :-)


I'm surprised you get so much traffic daily based on the number of comments you get daily. I, as you know, am a regular in both regards as you are interesting, knowledgeable and diverse.


I will be interested in how the etsy shop works out. I posted today how I need to find homes for my wall hangings and etsy could be one way to go.

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