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February 17, 2016


Shannon C.

I get sticking to names- So many of my quilts have names embedded deep in them, names that belong to them, that they've always had ever since the beginning or almost the beginning when they started to take shape. In some cases, I wound up changing the official name for show entries or whatever, but in those cases the "real" name is always how I think of and refer to the quilt. Seems weird- but there you are. Sorry if that was maudlin....

Incidentally, I think this quilt is just glorious (not at all ugly)- something about the HST pattern which of late seems to appear so often in bright, solid or modern settings/quilts, combined with your luscious fabrics and a sort of now-you-see-it-now-you-don't blendiness is really great.


Nice. Names stick and it is going to be a remarkable quilt with great quilting! nice magnets. :)

Gene Black

UFO busting? Can we have a UFO creating challenge? I would stand a serious chance on that one.

Mary Anne

Oh good, I'm glad you are liking the quilt now. I somehow missed that.

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