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January 16, 2016


Tina in NJ

Yea! Congrats on the completion! One of the reds in my mom's Christmas present bled, but you have to look really closely to see it. She couldn't care less. I've been tossing that fabric when I come across it, but it's already in some scrap quilts in progress. I am simply trying to move on from there.


I can't imagine how heavy that must have been when wet. A Cathedral Window quilt is heavy when dry!

Sally T

Oops! Sorry to rain on your parade. But just a couple of more steps. First, send in entry to MidAtlantic Quilt show. Then send in quilt. Then get quilt back. Then give to brother. You're done. Congratulations.


looks great! glad it came through your wash good - I agree He washers stink but it is what I have and have to make due - why do they keep changing all these appliances to make them "better" I don't know - I heard dishwashers are next to be more energy efficient they won't dry the dishes or chew up the bits of food left


A real beauty and you must strong hands and arms to wash this! I have arthritis and have to use my front loader machine which has a delicate and a wool cycle and I use these two - never had a problem with bleeding, shrinkage etc.

Linda Swanekamp

Just Gorgeous! Listen to Sally T!

Cheryl K.

TA DA!! Wow it's beautiful!


What a timely lesson!

Rose in VT

You are a brave soul! I also wash all my quilts when they're done, and no matter what method is used, it's always breath holding time...
I agree with those saying it should see a show or two before going to brother...


Congrats on you finish and finding the perfect home for it.


So beautiful, Vicki! I am definitely going to have to try your Dawn-washing technique. Your quilt just sparkles. And I agree, M-AQF would be a great place to show the quilt. Does it have any quilting in it? They're kind of sticklers about that sort of thing.
Congrats on the beautiful finish! Love, love, love it! :)


Congratulations on no bleeding! The quilt is gorgeous!

Mary Anne

Oh lordy - washing it. I would have been a nervous wreck! So glad you had a good outcome.

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