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January 07, 2016



Sounds great! Although making your own mistakes does reinforce the lesson. I will never put the needle in back to front again...

I think when people are coming off of FMQ on a DSM that presents a different set of challenges than people who begin on a long arm.

I picked a mid arm sit down machine because I couldn't face learning a whole different movement.

Looking forward to your advice!

Linda Swanekamp

Oh, please, please, I need all the longarm tips possible. I just am not where I want to be on te machine.


Cute quilting!! 16 - that is a lot!! Good luck!

Gayle Grier

Hi Vicki...I would love to know more about free motion quilting and look forward to your series. Question...on the FM arrows, did you also quilt around the squares? Thanks! Gayle

shirley bruner

i love those arrows....and i see how they can be done in 2 passes across the row...back and forth. i'm gonna borrow this idea. thanks for sharing.

Gene Black

I love the arrow design. Since I quilt on a DSM I doubt that it would be practical for me.


A little knowledge goes a long way, especially at the beginning.


Yes please and thank you!

Mary Anne

I liked the arrows and was totally blown away when I saw them from the back. That's a pattern that needs to be repeated I think!

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