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January 25, 2016


Tina in NJ

Let me know if you run out! We've got about 24 inches, officially. My goal is to sew borders and backs for number of quilts I want for my guild's show the first weekend in April.


it makes it almost look tie dyed doesn't it? Good luck with your experiments very much makes one of a kind pieces doesn't it.


You sure are awash! I love snow dyeing but barely have a chance because we are in an almost no snow area. I hate the dots too and they always seem to be red!


Beautiful photos! Initially I wasn't sure what you meant by snow-dyeing, but now that I saw the photos of the dye covered snow, I understand. That's just mind-boggling. Beautiful! I'm so glad you shared. Stay warm.


I haven't been able to snow dye this year because we've had almost no snow :(

The time we did I spent so much time chipping the ice that came first I missed my chance to dye!

Lynne in Hawaii

Awash with raw materials...I'll just enjoy looking at those materials in pictures, thank you very much! I'll take warm and sun any day:) Take care.

Mary Anne

I guess the cost of the extra dye you use is more or less offset by the fact that the snow is free? Nice results though, no matter the cost.


I've done only ice cube dyeing as the urge struck in the summer. Because the ice pieces are larger, you can get a halo effect around where the cubes rested. Have you tried mixing up a liquid dye concentrate and applying that? Those speckles from dye powder can be annoying.

Gene Black

Interesting results but I have wonder if it is worth the excess dye used for this. I know that you get amazingly lovely results with your shibori dyeing.


I thought about doing some snow dyeing this year, but here in lower northeast Ohio we have no snow! It was 45 freakin' degrees yesterday and it is still 45 now! We got zero snow during the blizzard and have not received any lake effect snow either. Believe me I am not complaining. After all the shoveling the last two winters this is nice! I can wait until next winter to snow dye if I really feel the urge! LOL!!! Your fabric is very pretty and I look forward to seeing more of your experiments.


Kinda gives a new meaning to "make hay while the sun shines"! lol

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