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January 13, 2016



I love these 2 pieces of glass!


interesting look!

Tina in NJ

They're both great, but the blue one is fabulous.

Katie Z.

I love them as is, so it's going to be great to see them all shined up!

Mary Anne

The round one makes me think of a crystal ball. If they were mine I would be tempted to leave them and not do all the grinding and smoothing. I like natural things so I would appreciate the drips and bumps and hollows.

Linda Evans

This is probably a dumb question, because I don't know the first thing about glass other than what you've posted, but why can't you just re-fire them to get them to smooth out? All your other chunky pieces end up smooth.

Mrs. Plum

Though I'm sure there are lots of tedious parts to glass making (like grinding) the results are sure fun!

shirley bruner

that seems like an awful lot of work. but i like the looks of that red one.

Gene Black

They are gorgeous. I see "earth" and "sun"


You are educating me on that there is more to working to glass than meets the eye!


Beautiful pieces!! And your wall is wonderful--I want one, but have no place to do it. The crawl space just doesn't get enough visitations!!! (and my knees couldn't take it). Will have to find another spot, even though it wouldn't be on cement blocks. Must think outside the box!

Vicki  Welsh

Thats not a dumb question at all. On the side with bubbles you have to open the bubbles to retire so thats why Im grinding the front. Because of the high heat required for something this thick it has to be fired on fiber paper and it has that texture on the back so I need to grind that side too.
I expect that after I spend hours and hours doing this that the instructor will tell me an easier way! But its all a learning experience.

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