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January 29, 2016


shirley bruner

I loved your grandmother's story. glad you have such cool memories. and i absolutely adore that quilt. the quilting is awesome. if i ever make one of those....i am sending it to you to quilt. hahaha


The quilt turned out fabulous and thanks for sharing about your Grandparents.


thanks for sharing the photos of the quilt and the family photo, so nice to see history mixed in with quilts I think. The quilt turned out really great.

Judy Hudgins

What a great story behind the quilt.

Sally T

What a great story and quilt. Now I have to go look up Galax. And I forgot...which quilt show are you submitting this to?


Wow, Vicki! Your story and the quilt are very amazing. It's very beautiful workmanship and fabric.


Vicki, your creativity is endless!! I absolutely love this quilt. It is a brilliant use of shibori! I too am stymied about how to quilt, and I haven't really learned how to do FMQ yet. Need to learn! The quilting on this quilt is gorgeous, and I love the back and the Zentangle label, too. Your grandmother sounds like an interesting person. Good for her for getting a car and learning to drive it and seeking independence in an era that stifled women.


It's been fun watching the process! Kudos to you for keeping going - it's so rewarding when a project is finally done.


Thanks for sharing all of the closeups of the quilt and the story of your grandmother. I'm sure she would be proud of you and your talents if she could see you today.


Thanks for all the pics and the story. And holy mother of pearl, the pebbles! I still think it was genius of you to make a circle over the pink sashing and pebble it. I'm making a special quilt right now and am stuck in 2 awkward areas but stitching on in other planned areas hoping that creativity will smack me on the head. Beautiful, masterful quilt Vicki, congrats.

terri stegmiller

Loved reading the story and your quilting.....just WOW!


See what sticktoitiveness can do! I'm seeing the connection between Lura and her quilt! ;^)

Tina in NJ

Gorgeous quilt, wonderful story. It reminded me of my granmother Mary, who gave me her Featherweight when her eyes got too bad. Gram didn't make quilts, but she made us many outfits over the years. If she'd been born in a more equitable era, she probably would have been an architect like my brother.


Such an interesting post! And I'm speechless about the quilt. Wow!


I love your use of shibori fabrics. This quilt is so well balanced starting with the creation of the fabrics and continuing in the variety of ways you used them and then finishing with equally fine quilting. The family background story is the icing on the cake!


Wonderful. It has been fun following your process. Fingers crossed for a pretty ribbon. Grandmother would be proud.

Becky in VA

I'm so glad you accepted my invite to sew along. I loved seeing your blocks each week as you made them, and your finished quilt is absolutely wonderful in every way. Then it gets even better with the story about your Grandmother - what a lovely tribute to a very special woman.

So glad you are showing this at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. I'm glad my quilt is in a different category, because your quilt is going to blow the judges away!

P.S. The label looks like a fancy little clutch purse - probably like one Lula had.


What a great tribute - and Oh My! What a fantastic quilt!! I LOVE the quilting you chose to do - and I actually like the thread on the back - sort of gives it more texture and shadows - Great job!!

Kay Sorensen

Read every word, studied every picture! I am so impressed.


Great story, great post! I love the photos.

Mary Anne

You have made some incredible quilts Vicki, but this one has to be my favourite of all. Not only is the quilt beautiful, but so is the story that goes along with it.

Gene Black

WOW.... you can compete with any quilter out there. That is amazing quilting. And I like the colored threads on back.

I am glad Lura got to "live a little" after Granddad passed.

Allison Aller

How totally wonderful, Vicki!

Carol J. Parker

Thank you so much for sharing all that! I enjoyed every word - and the pictures too! Your quilt is fantastic!!!

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