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January 26, 2016



giggle, giggle, snort. I own or have owned several of those novelty prints.

Tina in NJ

My sister and I, together, made a Cathedral Window pillow in the mid 80s. Just the pillow took forever! Started looking for faster techniques after that. We made the pillow for our aunt. No idea if she still has it, but she seemed to like it at the time. Of course, now I'm doing English paper piecing as my take-along project. I just never learn.

Shannon C.

What a great quilt and a great accomplishment! Definitely a finish to remember. I think you're right too about the I spy. I wouldn't have thought about that as a way to prevent something from looking dated- but it really does. I sympathize about the not-getting-what-goes-into-things, I've had to turn down several of those kind of offers...


congratulations on your accomplishment - I'm glad you told your uncle no and wonder if he ever got someone to finish it? this is one quilt I never had any interest in doing!! I'm glad


Beautiful job, and great story to go with it. I don't think I could give it away after all that work.

Margaret Solomon Gunn

I have only done a small one of these - WOW a lot of work! Good luck at MAQF!


I had to demo this quilt many times back in the 1970s when I was teaching the class so I made a few table runners, pillows and potholders with the pieces. That was enough for me.

Jean in MN

What great novelty fabrics! I did start a CW once, but once I realized how much work it was, it became a lovely set of placemats, and I stopped there. We still use them often, so it was worth it. Your CW is lovely!


snoopy dance!!!

shirley bruner

i absolutely love that you finished this. and as an I Spy is terrific. i made a few of those blocks years ago....i think it would up as a table runner or something. who knows where it is now. i really like the looks of it....but would never make one full size. you done good.


Congratulations that it got into the Mid Atlantic show! I think it is fabulous! Would I ever make one? No. Cross this one off your UFO list!

Gene Black

When I first started quilting someone who lived next door to my adopted Nana gave me a couple of blocks and a bit she had started on one of these. I couldn't imagine doing it then. I still don't think I want to make one!


Thanks for allowing me to make a cathedral windows quilt vicariously through your experience. Yours is fun and lovely.


What size white/background fabric did you cut and what size fashion fabric did you use
Yes I am thinking about making at least a few blocks, I've always enjoyed this pattern


Another stunning beauty! Lovely quilt and quite an achievement. I have never made one but it does look like alot of work and patience. I love the I Spy theme - it adds an additional element of interest and fits perfectly with the block design.

Karen V

This is a great quilt. I can understand not wanting to make another right now... I enjoyed the "process" from a spectator standpoint. 16 1/2 years - not bad for a quilt that complex.
Congratulations of being accepted in the show.
There are so many windows I expected to see a picture of myself there. My nephew would love it too - but that isn't going to happen. He would be an old man by the time I finished the top.

Mary Anne

Congratulations!! This was a huge project - not only the design itself, but searching out all the different 'spy' fabrics to use. I've toyed with making a small 'spy' quilt for our grandson, but very quickly set that notion aside.

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