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January 15, 2016



Love the label and I think you should bother. A Cathedral Window quilt deserves to have a viewing--after all, how many quilters take all that time and effort??? (Besides us!)

Tina in NJ

Love the label! My guild's show is called "Sharing the Quilts," and I definitely think the Cathedral Windows quilt is worth sharing. But I also understand the lack of enthusiasm.


wow love it - I never put so much effort in a label but this is so neat - love all the work you put into it. (and glad you finished it)

Linda Swanekamp

Please submit it. There needs to be lots of quality quilts in shows. It helps spur quilters on in inspiration and enjoyment. I know it is a lot of work, but so was the quilt- don't stop now!

Becky in VA

I sat across from you on Tuesday night as you were working on this, and I wished I'd seen it step-by-step - then you share this great blog! Thanks - and yes, it deserves the effort of sharing in the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.

Sally T

Definitely enter it. That way I can see it. At this point it's an historical artifact. And who knows what your brother might do to it.

Katie Z.

I love all the fine detail. Someday, when my time is more my own again, I will take great pleasure in the details.

Kathy S

The quilt is beautiful, the label is beautiful and it definitely should be shown. If you regard it as a business decision for promotion, does that make it less of a bother?

shirley bruner

i love that label as much as i love the quilt. making it fancy with zentangle just cranks it up a notch. i really need to label my quilts....but i just don't.

Pauline S.

I love the quilt. I am so glad for you that you finished it.
The label is the icing on the cake. You turned me on to the beautiful art of zentangle for labels. I haven't made any yet, I am still in the practice stage, but they are in my future. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.


What a fancy label! I love it!

Mary Anne

I'd definitely enter it in the show. It will give so much inspiration and I know it will wow anybody who sees it in person. They'd better display it so the label shows too!

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