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January 18, 2016



The quilt looks good! I have never taken the time to block a quilt - I guess because they are usually for me or family I just do not take the time and of course they are not perfectly square - but there you go - I just do not have the room to work with them like that. You are so lucky arthritis in only one finger! try it in the whole body - no really I'm glad you don't have it like that - not fun

Tina in NJ

I saw the weather forecast too. I LAN to shop tomorrow morning, then I'll hunker down once the snow starts. I kinda freaked out last night and that was hardly anything! Lura's Choice looks wonderful. I've heard of blocking knitting, but not quilts, and I've been quilting on and off for 30 years or so.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

We might get a little snow later in the week, I'd love to be snowed in for a couple of days to quilt. I have never gone to the trouble to block a quilt like that. Do you let it dry on the floor? How long does it take to get dry?

Gene Black

I have never blocked a quilt. But if I have to, now I know how.


I have blocked quilts a bit but not to the extent you have. For my rock t-shirt quilt I just stretched it out on my big table, used bricks to hold it down and steamed it a bit with my iron. It was only 70" x 70". Showing how to block a quilt correctly is good information to have in case!


Jamie is scoffing at the weather forecast, but I think they are serious. I'm planning on staying in on Friday and making chili! The quilt looks fabulous.

Rose in VT

Ah, I'm envious of anyone who can still do that on the floor! I use 1/4" foam core boards taped together, and put it on the table. Great height for the knees, but any method is hard on the fingers!


Loved your comments about Chris. Aren't husbands funny? And we love them for it.

Angie in SoCal

Do you block it before you bind it? Doesn't binding it (the pulling and tugging) get it out of alignment again? Curious

Mary Anne

Well I learned something today. I didn't know you needed to block quilts. It's quite obvious that I"m not a quilter!!

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