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January 02, 2016


Sharon - IN

That is a lot of beautiful custom quilting! You should be proud.

shirley bruner

That is just awesome. sometimes greatness takes a while. LOL

i have a sunbonnet sue on the frame now that has been there a couple months maybe. i really need to get to it.

Tina in NJ

Wonderful way to begin the new year.


you did a lot of work on this - from what I can see it is beautiful

Becky in VA

Congratulations! All your decisions resulted in great quilting. It looks wonderful. I hope to see it hanging in Hampton.

Cheryl K.

Don't you just feel relieved when you finally get a big quilting project off the machine? This one has been a winner since you started piecing the blocks - you quilting just puts those beautiful final finishing flourishes on some great work!

BTW, I love that green backing, too!


That really looks amazing! I love intricate quilting but I get lazy and just stipple. I need to quit doing that!

Mary Anne

Congratulations! You must be excited to have this one done and I'm on the list of those that are excited to see it in its entirety!!!


Yay!!!!! I bet there is a lot of happy dancing going on there!!!


Great job getting that one done and off the frame. I am sure that the next quilt will go much more quickly!


Definitely worth it!


The back is beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished front.


Some things just can't be rushed, it's lovely.


Wow-ee! I can hardly wait to see the full size pic.


You have done an amazing job, with some great choices on design.


Congratulations on getting this one quilted!


Great job! I have a question about the areas you had to requilt. I just got a Sweet Sixteen and these non-dsm machines really punch through the fabric. How did you get the previously sewn areas to look less like pulverized steak before you started over on them?


Am looking forward to seeing the whole thing. The back is absolutely gorgeous!


It's stunning! Just love the quilting on it! Thanks for sharing!

Margaret Griffiths

it looks great, hope to see it in person next week....

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