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January 01, 2016


Peg S.

I'm in! I have 13 projects in process right now:
1 quilt I'm piecing for us
1 quilt that needs to be marked and hand quilted
5 charity quilts
1 quilted jacket
2 embroidery/needlework projects
2 miscellaneous projects
1 knitting project that will be a gift for a family member

I have a few projects in mind that aren't started yet; I will add them once they are actually in process. I don't count the knitting I do for charity.

Happy New Year!


good luck! I don't really have any UFO's as I am working on all of them rotating them out - the only one that comes close to being a UFO is Love Entwined and when I feel like working on it I'm sure I will (eventually)

Pam Avara

Thanks for the reminder to put together my list. In addition to the quilts in progress, there are quilts I know I'll make and kits I'm considering for this year. I think I'll aim for getting my count down to 45. That will allow me some wiggle room for new starts.


Total UFOs = 20
7 are neglected projects. I still plan to finish them.
8 are active projects (some just need a final border, so what am I waiting for???).
5 are to-be-quilted (tops are finished and have backs).

Thanks, Vicki, for continuing this. I believe it really does make me think about what I'm working on!


This is such a good idea. I don't think I can track- as that means I would have to FIND them all, but this year, I hope to complete at least 1 UFO a month (or for large ones, make actual progress on...)

Of course, it isn't helping that right now I'm addicted to postcards instead...


Love the ornaments, they are gorgeous!!! How hard r the more complicated ones ?? Don't know if I actually "want" to know how many UFO's I have!!! Will just putt along digging them out, finishing or give them new homes !!! I'm busy putting up (installing) crown molding & help paint youngest son's home now, have already layed tile on diagonal for entire house !!!

Tina in NJ

The past couple of years, my guild has had a Featured Quilter at our show in the spring. An entire room is dedicated to that quilter's work. This year's scheduled quilter fell through and I agreed to step in. I've got a LOT of UFOs just shy of finished, but the room isn't big enough to hold all of them! After the show, I will allow myself to start new UFOs, uh, projects.


Love your UFO Busting Project. I'll give a shout out for it on My Creative Blog List, this coming week, to help heighten awareness. I'm also going to be hosting a couple of UFO Challenges this year. We need all the help and encouragement we can get to complete UFOs.


PS - I'm finding it really easy to follow you via, although I still follow you via a variety of tools.

Rose in VT

Just love this! It would take me half the year just to take inventory of my ufo's so I won't actually join, but will enjoy seeing everyone's progress.

Judy Hudgins

I'm joining in and will be posting my list on my blog as soon as I update my list!

Sharon - IN

I have a list of sorts on my blog. What I did was list the 5 quilts I really want to get to first. then I listed rulers I have purchased, some with patterns, and even some with fabric so that means there are new projects lined up and waiting for me to start them. Plus, not listed, are customer quilts: t-shirt quilt, bargello quilt. What I'm doing this year is making lists of different categories that I want to work from, BOMs, UFOs, new quilts to make.

Best of luck to you with your lists! 40 charity quilts? Are you making and quilting that many? I'm amazed at how prolific you are in all your endeavors!

shirley bruner

I am going to join you in this UFO busting project. i will focus on my to-be-quilted cabinet....that has about 90 tops in it. i quilted up a few in November and December and then made more tops to add to the cabinet. i am going to get these quilted.....or sell or donate the tops. they must go.

Pat V.

I need to make a list! I know I am much more of a process person than a product person.


YES! I am going to edit some ufo's and then keep on top of this! :)

Mary Anne

I would be too embarrassed to make a list of my UFO's! I did manage to knock a couple off the list before Christmas though, so that was encouraging. Two off the list - and started a new project. Somehow I don't think that's making much of dent in the pile!!


I'm going to try to join in this year. My list of UFOs is here 15 in progress, 20 to quilt, 4 to bind, and 7 fabric purchased.


So... I don't have a dedicated list - I, um, sort of have a pile that needs to be worked through..... *sigh* So I am going to join in in a Pile sort of way. I picked a UFO up off the pile today and I am going to examine it - the goal - finish it before February 1st. Does that count?


This event helped me a lot last year and I plan on participating again. I started the year with 40 items on my list. I completed 15 items on the list which generated 15 quilts, a pile of socks repaired, and one quilt repaired. I had 6 new projects that I started and completed and I have a group of strips I cut but they are still hanging on my design wall. I will compile my new UFO list which I think will be 26 items for 2016 and I will post tomorrow on my blog.

Julie in GA

I wanted to participate in this all of last year and never got my list together enough to join in. Count me in for 2016 (although I still haven't finished listing all the UFOs.)

Jan O

Good luck!
I'm in - I located all my WIPs and UFOs and posted my lists of them here:
We'll see how many I can get finished this year.
Thanks for hosting-

DeAnna S

Count me in too! Just need to go through my bin and get my list together. A good thing to do tomorrow while it's snowing outside.


I'm in! Just completed a blog post about my list of UFOs which can be found here: I'm a little slow getting started this year but maybe this will be the motivation I need to get going. Thanks for continuing this project!


Finally! I did the organizing and the count. Hopefully I have everything.
29 UFO's and none started or added this month.
This will definitely be changing next month. Thanks for doing this. It was good to 'really' look at what I have been avoiding and a few were tossed as the list mounted. Its all good! :)

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