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December 17, 2015



It is beautiful! Just the right amount of stitching to make the fabric shine, and I love the stylized heart with the gemstone. Lucky people that receive these.

Sally T

Okay! I finally broke down and made some postcards this morning. And just for the record, my favorite description for making them is on your blog post of December 3, 2014.

Linda Swanekamp

Ok, I just love them. I love your explanation. I will continue to let you do the dyeing, and I will continue to cut and sew. Love the dyeing, but not enough to stop sewing.

Sue Kelly

All of the PCs are lovely, and these especially. And thanks for the tutorial link. I made about five dozen of these recently, with printed paper backs and PelTex in the middle, and they also came out great. I must have read ten or fifteen different tutorials, and then sort of made up my own process. I don't have a serger, so did satin ZZ stitch edges, but it takes a long time and is a bit fiddly getting the tension right. Thanks for sharing all your many Christmas cards...I'll have to think about that for next year, and start early.

Gene Black

These are my favorite so far.

Mary Anne

I loved the 'Joy' ones and was certain they would be my favourites. But then I saw these and that certainty flew out the window! So....I can't pick a favourite. I guess it's okay to like them all!


The Shibori tree is fantastic! Mine arrived in yesterday's mail and I'm thrilled. The design is so beautiful and how did you ever adhere those tiny gemstones so they'd pass through the post office metering equipment intact? It goes without saying that the embroidery is exquisite, so accurate and detailed. Thank you THANK YOU.


I received a shibori tree too! That is a lot of work to stitch the trees and heart! I posted on my blog today showing my forest of tree postcards I have received from you.

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