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December 28, 2015



I love the glass technique-- it's a beautiful piece!

Lynne in Hawaii

Yes, a very beautiful piece. You found the perfect stand no less so it displays very well.

Rose Mary Flint

Gorgeous pieces!

Gene Black

Lovely. I had wondered what became of that piece.

Sarah Stevens

That is so beautiful! I see why she kept talking about it. I'm sure she is the new owner.


Vicki - as I was reading your post and admiring each carved glass piece, I was also admiring the piece of wood and frame and how nicely the wood compliments the carved glass. Imagine my surprise when I read that Becky's son-in-law had made the wood base for the carved glass tree! Such artistry!

Mrs. Plum

No wonder Becky couldn't stop talking about that piece of glass! It is gorgeous!


That was so cool you could find a stand for the tree carved piece! It is beautiful and I am sure will be enjoyed for years to come.

Virtual Quilter

Becky is lucky ... she has a lovely piece of glass.


Its beautiful!


Wonderful tree.

Cheryl Kotecki

Your glass pieces are pretty much all stunning - you are approaching some of these techniques with your quilting background so they are not like anything I've seen anywhere else. But these kiln-carvings are really cool!

But the main thing I have to comment on is, my DH also got a trail camera for our Christmas to Us. Have yet to set it up, but after seeing what someone else was doing in their backyard and since we've seen bears, foxes and even a couple of bobcats right by the house, we're pumped to see what kind of activity we'd get at a cross roads in the old logging roads on our mountain.

Mary Anne

I can certainly see why your friend would covet this piece of glass and how thoughtful of her husband to give it to her for Christmas. I got a beautiful piece of glass too - must remember to post a pic on my blog.

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