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December 31, 2015


Peg S.

What fun to see all your completed projects together! I finished 12 for the year and have 13 in progress; unfortunately I can't find the record of how many were in progress at the beginning of the year. I am looking forward to continuing with this in 2016.

Cheryl Kotecki

what a show-off!! And that's not the half of it since you didn't show the mosaic wall (ok it's not finished, but I wouldn't qualify it as a UFO either!) and glass pieces - to say nothing of the gorgeous post cards etc etc


you got done with a lot! there are couple that you show that I have been thinking about doing - unfortunately i do a lot of thinking and don't get started because I have too many started!

Tina in NJ

When did you complete the brown Drunkard's Path quilt? Has it been more than a year already?

Julie in GA

That's a very impressive collection of finishes. Great job!
I hope to get organized this year and join in on your UFO Busting.


I have so many UFO's that that it would take awhile to even locate them all. I will start a list and just add them as they show up. Tomorrow I am finally setting up my machine in our new home and actually have a small new project planned to get me going.
The amount of quilting you accomplish is impressive in itself. I was really surprised when you also shared your Christmas ornaments. They are beautiful too.

Mary Anne

You definitely accomplished a lot! Look forward to seeing what you do in 2016! Happy new year!


A very good year for you!! Happy New Year!!

Virtual Quilter

Nice to see them all together ... very impressive, and lots of variety, especially when you add glass, postcards etc. No excuse for you to say you are bored!


Be proud They all look great!

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