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November 06, 2015


Sue Kelly

I've been reading the UFO Busting posts and feeling more and more, well, guilty! I had formed a plan to do something like this in 2016 too, so I will work on making the list and join in if you continue into the new year. This will be a good motivator to keep it in the front of my mind. One of my hangups is extreme fear of FMQ, so perhaps this will force me to get over that, too! Count me in.


I'm going to continue to track too and would continue to participate in 2016 if I don't finish all my UFOs by the end of the year.

Katie Z.

I'm happy to join in next year. This challenge has been great for moving forward my oldest UFO, even if it isn't done yet. Also, it makes me think about whether or not to start a new project when I have plenty already going!

Pam Avara

I'm all for continuing. I want to get my UFO count down to zero, so I have a ways to go. I've got 3 new quilts on the horizon (2 which will be immediately quilted) so I already know there will be a bit of backsliding.

Peg S.

I will definitely want to continue with this in 2016! I am so pleased to have finished some projects and to have made progress on others. Just this week I went back to actively working on a project that has been going since before 2001.
Projects in process October 1: 13
Projects completed: 1
New projects started: 1
UFOs trashed: 0
Projects inherited from my mother: 1
Projects in process October 31: 14

Sharon - IN

October was a good month with finishing 5 quilts for little toddlers in my life. Sigh, they started as baby quilt, but that is how old these UFOs became. Maybe toddlers will enjoy them more than babies? Ha! That's my new theory! Plus one of the toddlers has a new baby sister, so I actually started and finished a quilt for her!

Sharon - IN

Vicki, Congratulations on finishing the Cathedral Windows. That method looks like a big undertaking to me! With all your hobbies and business adventures, you have gotten a lot completed to date!

Missie Carpenter

Your Cathedral Window is stunning! Congratulations!


UFOs = 12; WIPs = 9; NEW = 0; Completed = 1

I would like to continue in 2016. The accountability is good for me. In fact, I'm leaving for a quilt retreat tomorrow and I'm only taking one new project (a small charity project) and the rest of what I'm bringing are WIPs!!

PS - I'm so excited to be last month's winner!!!

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