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November 05, 2015



I absolutely LOVE this! I seem to collect tablecloths and napkins - all shapes and sizes - vintage and new. I have a couple of old white ones I could use this treatment on. Love it!

Tina in NJ

Nice job! Happy Turkey Day!

sarah did it!

I LOVE your tablecloth and napkins!!

Becky in VA


Candy Glendening

Lovely!!! I've got some color magnet just sitting in a cupboard, I need to find the time to play with it!

Deborah Levy



very unique!




That is really neat! Now you need to have a party!



Julie in GA

Your tablecloth is gorgeous! I love that it has the leaves in the center and around the outside, but the plain band in between to set them off. Genius!


Wonderful! I love how you used the larger leaves around the border and smaller ones in the center. And the variety of images all work so well together.
PS. Thanks for the shout out to PGFiber2Art and other screen vendors!


That's very cool and also very pretty. I love the colors.

Gene Black

Thanks for sharing this. I love seeing the entire project completed.

shirley bruner

I am not a tablecloth type person....but that is fabulous. great job. i like that you did not do the whole thing.....just the middle and the edges. and i like the different size and variety of leaves. and you had to have napkins to match, too. you done good, girl.

LuAnn Kessi

Wow Vicki what a great use for the color magnet! You are so inventive. Safari browser on my mac no longer loads your website, so I tried Google Chrome and it loads.....yay! I finally am able to leave you a comment again.

LuAnn in Oregon


Love it!


Absolutely beautiful! You could serve your guests peanut butter sandwiches and they would feel special just because of the wonderful tablecloth!


Just had to comment again - I love the way you laid this out - it is really spectacular! And you put a huge amount of work into it. Love it!!

terri stegmiller

WOW! What a fabulous end result!


p.s. When I said "the way you laid this out" I meant how you designed it!

Jan O

Wow - magnificent! That's a lot of screen printing. Beautiful design of leaves, and I agree with you about the mix of lacy and solid ones. Fabulous!


A wonderful outcome to an inspired idea.


wow....I love it!!!


Soooo nice! And even napkins with leaves. This is an heirloom.

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