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November 18, 2015


Tina in NJ

Sweet story. I know Becky is a fabulous quilter and a good friend of yours. You must feel great the way these projects came out. I hope Becky kept something for herself. Of course, she does have the quilts.

Debbie M

Those old cotton sheets are great! It's been years since I dyed, but when I was doing it practically every day for fun, I went to a goodwill store and got a lot of those sheets for a few bucks. They dyed beautifully.

My grandmother had loads of those sheets, but when she died and my mother dealt with contents of her home, I didn't know I was going to need them! :)

I think we're due for a mosaic update, Vicki...

Becky in VA

Thank you, Vicki, for giving a second life to a sheet that is over 50 years old! It's going to be so much fun to give these to my sister.


Good explanation for not taking on dyeing projects.
Very nice story about the sheets. And, as always, inspirational. Thanks or sharing.


I agree how non-quilters have to be educated when they ask such questions. It is like that pink DWR quilt top I was dealing with. I still have not heard from the owner with a decision of what we are going to do with it now. I will be posting about my Big Project today as I have hit another milestone. Haven't seen any UFO update posts. I am doing well in that department too.

Gene Black

I hesitate more and more on custom work - especially if it uses my "one of a kind hand woven" OR cloth belonging to (and sentimental to) the one requesting it.

shirley bruner

I have dyed a LOT of stuff....shirts, socks, underwear..haha....fabric....other stuff. it usually never turns out like you envisioned....but it always turns out cool. dying is FUN.

Mary Anne

I don't dye, so don't have a problem with that, but many other things that I create are looked upon as being something that can be whipped up in a week or so - and a very low cost. Argh!! What makes me even madder is the people that think I'm in this world to 'fix' whatever issues they're having with either a piece of clothing or a .........(insert all manner of fabric things that might require fixing). After all I sew, so therefore I mend. Right?


Very nice and fun to see.

Rebecca in SoCal

I remember a sewing show (Sandra Betzina?) that showed a tank top embellished with several different pieces of lace that had all been dyed with the same color. They did not come out the same color! (Different fiber contents.) She was wry about it, but put it together as an example.

Marian Moody

Great idea, Becky! Sometimes when I look at your fabrics I think in the same way, I am looking at art! I see the deep sea in your blues,sunsets in your oranges, forests in your greens, and sometimes sweet candy in your pinks! Isn't that what art does for our eyes?

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