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November 25, 2015


Tina in NJ

The Go! Piece would make a fabulous wedding gift, all romantical.

Rose Mary Flint

Great pieces, Vicki! I have a Cameo Silhouette and have used it for making stencils. Want to try cutting the kiln fiber. What fiber thickness do you use? I guess it could be taped on a mat that has lost its stickiness. Another way I want to try making stencils is using the glue gun. A friend just gave me a bag full of glue sticks.

Another question....what do you use to glue the stringers. I have used super glue. Just ordered a bottle of the glastac gel. Hope it dries faster than the regular stuff.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



Mrs. Plum

Wow! Love these pieces, especially the 2nd one.

shirley bruner

I love both of those pieces. you sure do some great experiments.


Very cool. I love seeing what you come up with.

Mary Anne

My mouth flew open when I read that you were cutting what I thought was the glass with your Go Cutter...I immediately thought how the cutter must be a pretty amazing thing to be able to cut glass. I was quite relieved to see that it was something else altogether.

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