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October 08, 2015


Pam Turner

WOW! Thank you for such a glowing testimonial of my invention!!! I prefer to call them side threading needles BECAUSE they really are in a class separate from those self threading needles. Those were invented in 1850 Technology has changed in the last 150 years making my patented geometry is possible. But, yes, it costs a whole lot more to make.

Shannon C.

I love my spiral eye needles and don't use any other brand (also not affiliated just happy). I was so happy to find an online source recently since before I'd only been able to get them at hobby lobby. Anyway, they last really really well (if you don't lose them) and for me at least are definitely worth it.


I, like you, stopped using the top self-threader cause it breaks the thread. I knew the side eye existed but couldn't find them. I searched and search and then one day stumbled on the website. Gasped at the price but ordered anyway and yay, they work a treat.

Judy Cooper

I've never seen the spiral eye needle before. Thanks for sharing.

Katie Z.

Fabulous! I usually find a large eye needle and thread over and over. I had no idea such needles existed.

Mary Anne

I tried using the ones like in the top of your photo and I hated them - I was using them strictly for sewing (or trying to). The thread escaped more often than not and was beyond maddening. Might have to search out a Canadian source for the other ones and try them.

Jan O

I love the Spiral Eye needle. I bought one at Paducah a few years ago. It cost a fortune, but it's been worth every penny for burying thread tails.


Thank you for sharing this website! I always found the self threading needle more frustrating than the traditional ones. Looking at the photo of this new side threading needle, you can see that it is better made. The design looks like something that even I could handle. :-)

Liz A.

I used to use the one in the top of the picture and had the same problem. Then I read about a better method. Take a regular needle with a slightly larger eye and some thread, preferably something finer, like Aurifil or Bottom Line. Fold in half so the two ends are together and thread both ends thru the eye. Now take the loop end and slip it over your threads you want to bury and simply use the needle with the lassoo to catch and pull the threads thru that you want to bury. It's much easier and you don't have to worry about breaking the threads or threading them thru an eye. You might have to lightly hold down the ends of the thread while you start pushing the needle in but often times not.

Frank W

Thank you thank you thank you. I have been swearing at the other needles as they break my thread while burying them. I have ordered the new ones. My thread burying projects were starting to build up. Could not find anyone who carried anything but the top loading ones in ages. Thanks. Frank
found your site while looking up how long dyes last. had found old dye and wasted my time. thanks for your study.

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