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October 28, 2015


terri stegmiller

I always enjoy seeing your creations and especially how you use the Thermofax screens. Yes, your thistle can be any color you desire!!!

shirley bruner

whenever i see your christmas postcards, i say i am going to make some this year. so far, it hasn't happened. hahahah perhaps this will be the year.


It is called artistic license! You can make the thistle any colors you want! I don't think I have sent you any quilt tops this year! Are you still involved with the veteran's quilts?

Gene Black

I like the thistle. It looks like more of a silhouette to me even in two colors - in art classes we learned that shadows have color - so it is very artistic.


beautiful thistle

Mary Anne

My Scotch blood is happy with that thistle! And don't mention the dreaded 'C' word - I haven't so much as started on one single gift yet (and usually I am pretty much done by now).

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