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October 29, 2015



The postcard tree is so cool because it looks like it has lights and then a wonderful heart.

Linda Swanekamp

I am not a cutesy or holiday decorating type person. But I have to say that your red dyed tree fabric is just stunning. I can see it as a quilted piece mounted on a canvas frame. Just gorgeous!!

shirley bruner

I love those little fish and i know you are making them for your wall.....but, i haven't seen any progress on your wall lately. you haven't given up on it....have you? i didn't think you were finished with it yet.

Gene Black

I love the tree - and the pretty little fishes.

Mary Anne

I'm sure the people on the receiving end of your Christmas series of postcards will love these. I assume you're using metallic thread. Wonder what they'd look like with a little metallic star bead (or sequin) on the top?

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