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October 26, 2015



I think it's beautiful! Congratulations on finishing!


I think your miracle (liking the quilt) will happen very soon. It's beautiful.


WOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! You should be proud. It is only the last few months that you really have been working on it. Even though you started it many years ago. Love it and hope you submit it for some quilt show.

Becky in VA

Your Cathedral Window is beautiful! Making it an I Spy was such a good idea!

Jan O

Congrats on such a lovely finish!


Good for you. Not my favourite style but these quilts do have a tendency to grow on one!!!

Judy Cooper

Just lovely, Vicki! Lots of work gone into this one - I've dabbled with Cathedral Windows years ago so I know how much time you spent.


so glad that you managed to finish it and not toss it!! it is gorgeous

Tina in NJ

Congrats! I've gotta say, I never would have thought of an I Spy Cathedral Window. Definitely unique. Maybe you'll start a trend...


Lovely, just lovely!

Cheryl K.

Oh Vicki I think you're just too close to the amount of work you put into it after you'd become tired of the idea. It's truly beautiful - sparkling with personality. Brilliant!!!

Lynne in Hawaii

I agree with all of the above! It is beautiful. From a distance all you see is the brilliant color of the windows. The "I Spy" adds interest close up...child or adult. :-)

Virtual Quilter

I like it enough for both of us!


I knew with all your feetsball time you would get this done lickety split. Congrats. And I hear you on the trepidation of laundering it. Blue Dawn to the rescue.


Yay!! It's done! Too bad you have to wash it, it will take a week to dry........just kidding!

Beth in AZ

congrats! Be sure to mark it off your UFO list! I think I would drop 3 or 4 color catchers in THAT wash!

Katie Z.

Well done!

Gene Black

Wooo hooooo.. Congrats to you!


Simply gorgeous!!

shirley bruner

well, i think you should like it simply because it is finished. LOL but i think it is very cool. that is a lot of hand work. greatjob

Stephanie Dunphy

Amazing you could finish something after 16 years and not like it. I fear I would have donated it as I just can't work on something I don't love, or at least like. Perhaps you were just tired of it. It's truly gorgeous! Congratulations on your finish.

Pauline Stafford

You did a beautiful job from start to finish. There is a certain satisfaction in finishing a project that has matured.


Wow! It is spectacular. Your comments remind me of one of my early quilts. A pineapple, hand quilted, took over 10 years to quilt, worked on through a divorce and spent years
sitting in its hoop in a corner of the living room without
any work done on it.
It finally got finished, and is often on my bed. I eventually started liking it, and love it now. I suspect you'll do the same with yours.


Congratulations! the quilt is beautiful! Finished this project that you don't even like built character and you are stronger person for finishing it! Now you can say the same thing about me once I get that log cabin quilt I pieced around 1980 quilted! LOL!!


Love it!. On my bucket list.

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