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September 12, 2015


Tina in NJ

Your photos are drool worthy, and they aren't even of food! The colors are fabulous! And Chris looks happy.


I always love your photos, so bright and brilliant. Chris does look very happy.

Rebecca in SoCal

and restaurants, and smells, and views, and street's a multi-sensory experience! 😀

I believe it's also the oldest continually operating farmer's market in this country. And it's genuine...these are the farmers and crafters who grew/made the products! (Well, I don't know about the fish market.)

I must say that these pictures are not what leap to mind for a Seattle palette! I look forward to seeing the trip influence your work.

Gene Black

That reminds me of the marketplace in Merida Mexico. I loved going there.


Looks like a great market!

Mary Anne

That market sounds like such fun - I'll have to share the info with our #2 son and daughter-in-love. They often go to Seattle so they might like to check it out.


The flowers are gorgeous! How much was the salmon a pound? Salmon is my all time favorite thing to eat. Fresh salmon can cost around $18.00 a pound around here.

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