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September 30, 2015



Love your use of the old dishwasher racks!


Using the dishwasher racks for glass storage is brilliant! A matte finish on the bottom of the glass might look quite nice. You certainly could leave it that way. Glad you're enjoying the class. I took oil painting classes for a while just to have the input from other class members and to help me make time for painting. Gosh, was that really 20 years ago??

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Clever lady!! I love it when things are repurposed instead of sent to a landfill!!


We just got a new dishwasher too. But ours is the dish drawer style (was Kenmore, now Fisher & Paykel) so no rolling shelves. (not that I have a need or the space for them.)

Mary Bolton

Brilliant! The dishwaher that I don't use now, will be replaced with rollout trash bins...atleast while I live in this house. Now I will be looking for a way to use those baskets!


great idea and the bits you've done are wonderful!


Oh how I love your ingenuity!


love your recycle but sorry about the dishwasher - I will be needing to get a new one soon after we get home I think - the one I have hasn't been doing too well. I love those bits of glass with the flowers on them. I used to work with stain glass years ago and made a lamp and a window that I still have - years and years ago I can see using those baskets from the dishwasher for storage such a great idea.

Libby Fife

OK, that is just straight up brilliant! What a solution for holding things like prints or your pieces of glass. I think I am going to have to go to the RE store (Habitat For Humanity) here in our area to look for some racks.

And your pieces are beautiful. Your glass work is really coming alongnicely.

Gene Black

My dishwasher was noisy and seemed to use too much water, so I started washing dishes by hand. The dishwasher is a great place to store my pots and pans.

Mary Anne

When we moved to the apartment we don't have space for a dishwasher and honestly we don't miss it. Never thought I would ever say that! Great use for the drawers....I would think one would come in handy under the kitchen sink to put cleaning supplies within easy reach. Your tiles look great, and I like the matte finish too.


What a great reuse of something that would just go to the landfill! Maybe it could also be a good way to store all those rulers we seem to accumulate.

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