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September 24, 2015


Carole Kokinis

Lovely Vicki and not at all boring.It makes me feel guilty you work so hard, but I enjoy reading about it!
Another blog I follow had a link to an exhibition in London, with some lovely glass. I know how you love your glass and thought you might enjoy it NA etc.

Pam j

Beautiful Vicki, but my oh my where did you get that magnifying glass for the long arm ?? That would make it so much easier to see, rather than stopping and looking over to see what I'm doing !!! Can't wait to see quilt your doing for PN, BTW have you seen Hancock's of Pafucah's new catalog ? Numerous PN quilt kits !! Know the feeling of everything breaking or not working, my only problem is, the majority of them I can DIY!! Saves hubby money, & so I can nourish my fabric "addiction"!!!! Have you tried WD-40ing the door lock & cussing it !!! And the dishwasher, I've done 2 so far. Take care...

Becky in VA

Your updates on LURA'S CHOICE will NOT be boring!
Happy stitching!

Gene Black

I already fight myself to keep from quilting too densely. I can only imagine how that would work with a magnifying glass.


Magnification is a good thing! Years ago I bought a pair of MagEyes and I don't know what I would do without them. Your posts about Luna are not boring! Keep them coming!

Mary Anne

Boring? Never think that Vicki - I know I'm always interested in seeing what you're doing. B'sides this is one of my favourite quilts!

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