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August 28, 2015


Tina in NJ

I like the clamped pieces; lots of diagonal motion, but orderly, symmetrical. I noticed that all the shibori (that isn't a Christmas tree) is dark blue. Is that because shibori is traditionally done using indigo dye, or maybe to keep the color factor consistent while you work on technique? Love the trees, BTW.


The Cmas trees look like they are lite up! Still no work on my series but the yard work is look fantastic.

Stephanie Dunphy

I'm so behind in my reading but I'm happy to have landed on this post. I always love reading about your processes. The polka dot shibori speaks to me. :o) Beautiful.


Your shibori is wonderful! You can see on my instgram, which I linked up, where I'm making a quilt with some of your shibori!! My series is moving along well, although it's a bit hard to show in instagram's square format, but my wallpaper collaged background is working out wonderfully! Very close to done on my current quilt, then I'll see what else Elizabeth Barton's book has in store for me!

Sharon - IN

It is so interesting to see the designs emerge from the clamped pieces. Are the acrylic shapes & the way you are folding the fabric all experimental, or are you following instructions? I find all your dyeing so fascinating, especially since it is something I would never attempt!

Mary Anne

These pieces are such fun to see (oddly enough, I was in Fabricland a couple of days ago and they are selling a form of shibori fabric - quite a surprise to see it there). I guess I have to say that I'm working in a series now that I've decided to make a CQ pillow cover for each of the seasons. Wonder how much your articles on working in a series might have influenced my subconscious?

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