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August 27, 2015



Love ALL your glass work!


Oh, wow! It's all so beautiful.


Looks like a good plan!

Linda Swanekamp

Oh, I just love the fish! A whole wall of them, wow, would be terrific!

Mary Anne

Just the thought of trying to cut glass gives me the heebie-geebies. Not that I'm afraid of it - just that I know full well I'd end up with tons of broken pieces, none of which would be the shape I was aiming for.

Rose Mary Flint

I have so much scrap glass too! And I have molds to fire scraps in like you did. How about a pot melt? Some of them are so nice if you can control the colors. Another project way down on my list....

Gene Black

I think the first 2 fish there are adorable. I am not sure what your plan is for the wall fish, but I can imagine that they will be lovely on the wall.


The fish are very cool. I would think it would be harder to cut the glass, but since I don't know much about working with glass ...

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