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August 25, 2015


Tina in NJ

Fabulous! These quilts really wouldn't look good with bed skirts. They're not traditional enough. Not that I use bed skirts at home, and I'm a very traditional quilter.

Katie Z.

I love the quilt. Well done!


I agree, improv sewing is NOT easier than traditional blocks. Of course I love precision piecing and so many others don't like it.


I like the quilt - background of white makes the colors so bright - I bet these will brighten up the guest house!

Virtual Quilter

Precision piecing and improv don't go together ... and the rule should be sew, then cut required blocks from what you have stitched!
I like the results though, but I will leave it to others to make them!

Becky in VA

Another great quilt!

Mary Anne

I've never been a fan of bed skirts - too much fuss for my liking. Great quilt!


I love it!

shirley bruner

I like this one a lot. might have to give it a try. scrappy is right up my alley. great job

Gene Black

I think sewing improv style takes just as much time - maybe longer- to do, but I love doing it so much more.


The quilt turned out wonderful! I agree light colors are hard to dye. When your dyeing them it is hard to tell if you used too much dye since the fabric looks darker when it is wet. I think you background fabric is beautiful and worked great in this quilt. Maybe you will have to try and dye more light colors to sell! You are always looking for another challenge!


Thank you for sharing this comment: "One thing is for sure, sewing improv style isn’t really easier than sewing traditional blocks!" I've been doing some improve work and thinking that I must surely be doing something wrong because of the extra time and effort involved. I actually find myself tired after a few blocks. Pooh! I thought it would be so easy.

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