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August 29, 2015



Playing with machine decoration stitches is so much fun, so too is using up teeny scraps!


What a great idea for using scraps! Thanks for sharing!


Great ideas! But even they need to come to an end!!! lol

Sally T

What a creative use for kitten toys! Love from Daytona!

The Joyful Quilter

It looks like you used about half of the scraps. Not bad, considering you made a batch of beautiful, usable cards out of... TRASH!! Nicely done.

Kathy Hoback

Love the way you embellished them! You made downright cool pieces of usable art out of those leftover cuttings! Now THAT is creativity and artistic ability.


Love it!

Carol S.

WAIT! I'd like to try this; can I buy your leftover scraps? I'll pay postage, too.

Carol S.

Carol S.

Oh, by the way, these are awesome. I especially like the blue and gold one in the second to last picture. It reminds me of a beach.

Lovely work!

Carol S.

Mrs. Plum

Thanks for reminding us to play!


The postcards are wonderful! They look like little landscapes of some far away exotic place!


What a great idea! I have bins of thin scraps that would be perfect for mini landscapes like yours. And isn't it funny that we pay lots of $ for sewing machines and then don't fully exploit their features.


WHat a great idea, need to retire so that I have the time to play with what I have here!

Mary Anne

I really like these - the last ones remind me of a seascape.

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