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August 13, 2015


Tina in NJ

How fabulous for you! Several of my friends have children who must be gluten free. I'll have to let them know about this. (You were too skinny anyway.)


That sounds like a miracle ingredient for you. I had never heard of it.


wow I never heard of that one. before I was diagnosed with immune system diseases years ago the doctor though I was allergic to a ton of stuff and so I went though the weird flour substitutes and baking experiments - then it was discovered that I had auto-immune diseases and I was told that allergy testing didn't work right with me and that everything I was told I was allergic to most likely wasn't right (except the outside stuff) so I went back to eating "normal" so I know how hard it is to bake when eliminating things - I will pass this info on if I hear of anyone in need.


Neat! I cook chickpeas from dried beans (sigh--must watch sodium in all things). When I'm going to use them later, I just refrigerate them along with their cooking liquid. The cooled liquid does seem gelatinous but it never occurred to me to use it for something like a binder. Learn something new every day. Thank you.

Sally T

Too bad Chris is allergic to kitten or you would have been able to use that as a substitute ingredient too.

Cheryl K.

This is an important public service announcement - thanks for posting! My household followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for a number of years (it was helpful for my husband's issue), and even with eggs, there were a number of dishes that were hard to replicate without gluten. It's great to know a different way to vary the texture of foods for those whose diets are limited.


Wow...who would have thought! I am so glad you found that, and shared it. We don't have big gluten issues in my household, but it's great information to pass on. Thanks for sharing, and I'm so glad to hear of your baking successes!!

Mary Anne

This sounds great Vicki - I will be passing this along to a friend who is allergic to a ton of things. Maybe it will help her too.

Sue H

Here is a recipe I've been using for breakfast cookies.
It does have wheat and oats in it, but I would think you could experiment with a gluten-free flour. I make it for a quick breakfast (a "cookie", yogurt, and fruit). The liquid in the cookie is white beans, like canneloni beans, blended up. There's only a small amount of olive oil. The kicker is that they are really good. Maybe not helpful to you, but I couldn't help but think of them after reading about the aquafaba.

Beth in AZ

I wonder if you made your own garbonzos in the crock pot if you would get more aquafaba? I just love garbonzos and hummus. Gonna try my own soon.

Katie Z.

Wow! That's awesome.


My word I love chickpeas but had never heard of the liquid being used!
Do hope you improve day by day.


I share your pain. I have a similar list and the same problems. My bread doesn't look as nice as yours. I will have to work at it more. Are you sure your water source is OK? I had to go to bottled water, such a nuisance. Hope your asthma gets better or you find the trigger.

Candy Glendening

WHenever you talk about your allergies, it just blows my mind! Chlorophyll!!! ANyway, I've got a friend with a little girl who has egg and nut allergies and I'm sending this to her, sounds like aquafaba could be really useful to her!!!

shirley bruner

well, that was very enlightening. who knew!! i think it is great that you are finding things that make your life better. you could probably just live on those muffins...right? haha

Gene Black

Very interesting. I have made hummus and that water always goes down the drain - ACK! Now I will save it and use it for cooking. With the price of eggs lately it is a real bonus.


A very informative and interesting post! Chlorophyll - does that mean you can't eat green veggies?


who knew??? No more throwing that liquid away! :)


Very cool. I'm gluten free too and sometimes post recipes as well as quilts.

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