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August 08, 2015



I have enjoyed seeing the photos of your trip and what all you did there. We have never gone to the rodeo - might have to add that in sometime.

Becky in VA

I've enjoyed your vacation and all your really great photos!

Jan O

I've loved every one of your Wyoming posts! Makes me want to go back...

Tina in NJ

When I was a kid, we went to the sand dunes in Colorado (yes, Colorado.) We could see a thunder storm coming in from the top, so we scadaddled down, but the storm wasn't visible at ground level. Yet.

Virtual Quilter

Thank you for the virtual tour!


Who could get tired of vacationing surrounded by views like these? We live so close to the Tetons and haven't explored that area in years. Your excellent travelogs have pushed a trip there further up the list.


great photos and a great time....


I think your pink wildflower is related to our white Indian pipe. No chlorophyll. Don't know what it is in the Rocky's since our is in the Pacific Northwest.


What a wonderful trip for you!

Kim S

I love the Tetons!!! We did a fly fishing raft trip there years ago... so much fun!


Vicki - your trip looks like it was a trip of a lifetime. Your photos are as fantastic as your subjects. So happy for you and Chris. Thank you for sharing them.


One of my favorite parts of the western United States. The children chasing the sheep is called "Mutton bustin'". Kind of a training for the young before they try the bucking horses and/or bulls.


Maybe many of your pictures didn't turn out, but these are fabulous! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Mary Anne

Your travelogue has been wonderful Vicki - you've made me want to go and visit the area for myself. I doubt it will ever happen though, so I will content myself with seeing it through your eyes.

Alycia Quiltygirl

How awesome!! It is just breathtaking to be there - now I want to go back!! (PS - my husband went to college on a rodeo scholarship lol)

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