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August 15, 2015



I hope there isn't any structural problem. I have a stone house and most things like this on mine are from the house settling but not a major problem.

Mary Anne

As you know my Big Dream Project ended up morphing into two...and now, I hate to say it, but it's become three!! All those leftover fabrics from the dreaded Quilt-zzzz will be used up on yet another quilt because I flatly refuse to waste any of it. Had to buy a little bit more fabric to bring it up to a more useful double sized quilt though.


I've got the best contractor for you. He's been working for me for a year now and also maintained the former chief magistrate of Virginia's house (down the street from me) for the past 22 years. He's also rebuilding my brick BBQ and already fixed the bricks in the front of my house. Let's talk.

Mrs. Plum

I think your new design sketch is very intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

Tina in NJ

Well, it isn't something I've always wanted to do, but I've been working on a quilt for my mother, who's 82. I finally figured out that I'm making her a kaleidoscope quilt; my dad used to collect kaleidoscopes. I'm almost finished cutting out the pieces, I think. Hope you can get back to the wall soon.


Oh, no.... how very awful.

andi in Arizona

Working on one Big Dream (my quilting business...nitty gritty non-sewing details) meant I have not been working on my 92 Stars Big Dream Quilt project! Oh well, I'll get back to it soon.


Sorry to hear about your wall - hope you can get it fixed soon, and that it won't impact your mosaics. Your new quilt design looks interesting. On a side note, something you may be interested in - one of the teachers at the Folk School, who taught a glass class, has a business called Art From Empties. He slumps wine bottles, then cuts them and makes jewelry, wind chimes and mosaics. His web site is campcreekcreations dot com in case you'd like to check it out.


I have not started my dream quilt project but I did buy an Avante last week....

Marian Moody

I hope your wall crack will not hurt your mosaic project. Do you think the crack is earthquake related?
I am sorry to hear that your asthma has kicked up, I had begun to think it was just me. I don't usually have a problem until August and afterward through the fall, but this year it has begun in July, and I have been worried that we are headed for a bad fall allergy season.
Hope your contractor works out and it is a minor thing.


I actually got to work on my dream project yesterday but just don't have the gumption to document the progress. I'm not experiencing creative block; I've been dragged away to work on DH's BIG project which is total landscape overhaul. We are maybe 80% done, and man are we getting too old for all this physical stuff.
Hope the wall fix is a simple procedure.


Needed to set aside my project planning to work on processing all the stuff that came from my folk's house. Might not get back to it until fall and the house is ready to sell. Temporary setback. :) Hope your setback is temporary too.

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