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July 27, 2015



pretty thread! and the quilts are all great too - I know what you mean about not knowing what day it is - I'm there half the time and have to look at the computer to know.


Then there is the added problem of wondering "where did the time go?"

Mary Anne

Hmmm....sore? Good reason not to exercise (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!). Being retired means not knowing what day it is half the time. Good thing it tells me on the computer or I'd be lost.


I so enjoyed the blog where you showed how you were quilting the Snaps quilt. The quilting looks great and was done totally differently than I would have thought. Would you show us how the quilt is basted? Maybe a photo would explain. I've been quilting long enough that I remember when entire quilts were basted with thread by hand, no pins or plastic fasteners. The quilt I'm working on now has some of the same fabric strips at the top of the quilt backing as on the front of the quilt as I want the back to flip over the pillows. To ensure that everything lines up I hand basted the top third of the quilt plus basted with pins. I think the variegated thread and the pattern will work well on your latest quilt. Thanks for sharing with us.

Gene Black

I have always thought that the longarm setup held the top, batting and backing taut so that no basting was needed.

Retired- what day is this? Where did the day go? I had a plan, but I got infinitum.


I like that thread and the design!

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