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July 08, 2015



Any half square triangle pattern/block can be made into a log cabin quilt.


I have log cabin blocks to make to go around my winter wonderland red work embroidery - I haven't decided on a layout and probably won't decide layout until the blocks are made - I'm not sure when I'm going to start them - I seem to be kind of disorganized in my quilting lately - blame it on summer, garden, and reading I guess. Maybe I will get my act together this week - will be in the mid90's for the next week I think - I won't be outside much. Love all the variations that you show.


pinwheel cabins. First I've seen those. cool!

Virtual Quilter

I like the first couple, but would pick the second to last ... or the pinwheels, but for your Mom that might depend on how many blocks she has already made, and how many she would have to make.
I think you Mom was wise to make 7 inch blocks instead of the same size as you, even if it does mean a bit less room to play with deign!

Gene Black

I really like the last two. The second to last has the best design punch though.


Just goes to show, there's no such thing as too many, or even enough, log cabin blocks! Love all the designs. How many blocks does she have?

Sharon - IN

LOL - new project! Hope you are not so tempted. But your layouts are wonderful. Hope your mom finds one she likes!

Mary Anne

I really like the design that's fourth from the end - it looks like spinning stars! Wouldn't it be fun to do the 'stars' in metallic fabrics?


I have a soft covered book about log cabin quilts that I bought years and years ago and it had many different arrangements for the blocks. I have a log cabin quilt that the top still needs quilted. It is on the UFO list.

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