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July 25, 2015


Tina in NJ

Only two more days! Sigh. I really like the colors in the photo with the defunct geyser. I haven't been anywhere where selfie sticks are a problem yet, but I'm sure I will soon. Maybe the fad will fade...?

Judy Hudgins

I took my first trip to Yellowstone earlier this year. We went for the day and stopped for a dip in the Boiling River. And saw bison up close (from the car). I am loving Montana and all the beauty at my disposal.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Gorgeous, nature in all her glory. Beautiful photos.

Becky in VA

Beautiful - I loved every picture and word.

I like your new masthead, too. . .


Living in civilization, you forget there is big, wide open spaces of nature; it's good to visit them once in a while to be experiencing something different than your every day. Such beautiful colour combinations going on there, I know you will work magic with that.


Those are some amazing colour combos!!!


I just love it out there - one can never describe it good enough I think - you don't believe the big open country and the beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes until you see it close up! Sometime if you can go back allow yourself enough time to take some of the hikes - there is a great one that goes alongside the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone - overlooking it (starts at Artist Point? don't remember for sure). And the steps going up & down Uncle Tom's Trail - one must see that to see the Lower Falls of Yellowstone - if I can walk up and down 328 steps you can still at 62(last year)!! We have been there like I have told you more times than we can remember and camp in the park for at least a week and we still do not see everything.


Wow, that brings back memories! I haven't gone in the summer before. The crowds aren't as bad in spring and fall which is when I've gone. A quilt buddy of mine goes on week long fishing trips with her husband and has a blast taking pictures the entire time.


What fantastic photography, Vicki! It looks other-wordly to me. Sounds like you and Chris had a wonderful vacation. I'm so happy for you.

Virtual Quilter

There are some stunning colour combinations out there! I couldn't believe the Christmas colours in one photo, and the greens are lovely.

Mary Anne

Endure? No way!! I will never be able to enjoy this scenery in person so I'm loving all your photos and the descriptions you give. The area looks absolutely fantastic.


I would never have thought of gradients before reading your blog, but what a perfect way to create a memory. I'll be waiting to see how they come out. Your pictures are wonderful and the colors are amazing! Beauty like this is never boring to see or read about. We're just waiting for the crowds to thin a bit before heading in.


Your post brought back many memories of our trip there several years ago! I'd love to go back when there aren't so many people there.

shirley bruner

I am so happy you took this trip....i just love your photos. it's like i'm there with you.

Marty Mason

I could watch and listen for days more. Beautifully narrated.

Vicki in MN

Once again you took the most beautiful pix. I don't think I will tire of more ;-) My DH too love's pyro stuff!! We've been to a few of the big pyro guild shows, in fact one is in Gillette WY this year, but we are not going this time.


That is totally Chris in his element!


Endure? Not. Thanks for sharing all of this. It truly is an amazing place. When our kids were young, we had an afternoon to explore. It was overwhelming. We stood and looked at the falls with our mouths open until daddy made us head back to the car. Can you imagine crossing that area in a horse/mule pulled wagon? Actually, I suppose that would be the best way to go --slowly-- to absorb it all. What great memories your photos will be.


I've been there Vicki.....It's the most magical place on earth and we will go back again someday !


Only two more posts :( I don't know if I will ever get there so I am enjoying the posts!


I love these posts!!!

Alycia Quiltygirl

It is just SO gorgeous!! And the animals you saw!!! Yay you!!! I see some new colors added to you fabric palettes lol

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